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Afropolitan Canada was founded in 2018 as Black-led bilingual grassroot organization to support and empower Black folks living in Canada in their professional and entrepreneurial journeys. Our mission is to empower Black people living in Canada with key competencies, mentorships, resources, and networks needed to succeed in the professional and entrepreneurial ecosystems. From learning workshops to powerful events, we have built a network of 3,000 folks across Canada and beyond borders who want to be part of a wealthy future. We fuel our communities with tools and resources to succeed professionally, financially and mentally.  We are committed to building a community driven organization that does not reduce our communities to issues requiring saviours so that they can report on the number of Black people that were impacted by their funding. No. At Afropolitan Canada, we are empowering Black and racialized women by providing them with the insights, the resources and networks to thrive. We are paving the way to de-stigmatize mental health once for all in the Black communities and we are finally making sure that more Black students get to pursue and finish their post-secondary education.
Our pillars of work : Women’s Entrepreneurship, Education, Economic Security and Mental Health and Well-Being.
With those four content pillars, we are more than determined to tackle issues that prevent Black folks from attaining their personal level success they so deserve.
Women of Diversity Summit Coordinator Program Coordinator

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Meet the team

Executive Director and Founder of Afropolitan Canada

Kelly De Fogain

Entrepreneur who likes to travel, meet like-minded people, watch trash TV on the treadmill and enjoys outdoor activities.

thumbnail_Fatma - Pic - 1
Program Coordinator (Women's Entrepreneurship :: Spotlight + Women of Diversity Summit)

Fatma Diallo

Entrepreneur and Jewelry Designer, passionate about African art and craft.
Loves spending time with family, helping people and cooking pastry.

Program Coordinator (Education :: Afropolitan Canada Scholarship Fund + Economic Security)

Selma Ainab

Student at the University of Toronto, with a major in health studies – population health, and a double minor in psychology and public law.

Social Media and Communications Coordinator

Mona Abdi

Enjoys helping others and hopes to one day become a philanthropist, spreading positivity.

Manager of the Women of Diversity Summit

Fatou Jammeh

Having lived and worked in Canada, Tanzania, France, Gambia, Fatou is fluent in English, French and Mandinka.  She is actively involved in initiatives supporting the development of African and Caribbean diaspora professionals. 

Women of Diversity Summit Coordinator Program Coordinator

Our board of directors

Chair of the Board of Directors

Kelly De Fogain


Gilles Wouanko


Vanessa Ngandjui


Fatou Jammeh

Support Us

Your support means a lot to us. 100% of the funds received go towards our programs. By giving, you are helping a student furthering their post-secondary education, you are supporting an entrepreneur in getting the resources they need to thrive; and you are helping de-stigmatizing mental health in our community one step at the time. So we want to say thank you for your generosity and know that you are contributing to this valuable work. Please note that we do not issue tax receipts as we are not a charity.

Thank you.

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The best way to get exclusive content from Afropolitan Canada is by joining our newsletter!

In your inbox every other Friday!