2020 Women of Diversity Nominations are now open

The Women of Diversity Summit and Awards is an annual Black Women-led Leadership Award ceremony in Canada celebrated on International Women's Day. In its third year now, the Women of Diversity Summit and Awards recognizes and celebrates the great work done by many women of colour in their respective communities in Canada and abroad.

For the first time, we are launching five award categories and we are opening nominations for these awards : 

- The Leadership Award
- The Youth Leadership Award
- The Entrepreneurship Award
- The Trailblazer Award
- The Influencer Award

Nominate someone or yourself today if you think they deserve a recognition and a celebration. An independent jury will evaluate the nominations and the winners will be announced Saturday, March 7, 2020 in Toronto during the Women of Diversity Summit and Awards. The Nominations are open until Friday, January 24, 2020, 5 PM ET.


Leadership Award


 Leadership Award: 

This award is dedicated to a woman who demonstrates exemplary leadership through innovative strategies to empower women in leadership roles within an organization or who is in a role of leadership that has not been tapped into by women of diversity. Actively supports her community and the people within it.  Nominate here

Youth Leadership Award


 Youth Leadership Award: 

This award is dedicated to the Black Youth in high schools and post-secondary schools who are demonstrating excellent leadership in their community through their actions and innovative thinking. Through this Award, Afropolitan Canada recognizes the outstanding young leaders' involvement in transforming communities. Nominate here

Entrepreneurship Award


 Entrepreneurship Award: 

We are celebrating women who are entrepreneurs, founders or co-founders of their business(es). It’s not easy being an entrepreneur. Between running their business, perhaps keeping a job to pay the bills, and juggling their private life responsibilities, we are saluting women who are moving mountains in entrepreneurship and therefore contributing to the economy, locally, nationally or internationally.  

Nominate here

Trailblazer Award


 Trailblazer Award: 

This award is dedicated to the woman who continues to break barriers in her workplace in terms of gender equality, of representation on local boards of directors, and who continues to challenge the status quo and being a true ally for the marginalized communities. 

 Nominate here

Influencer Award


Influencer Award: 

For us, an influencer is someone who builds a positive ecosystem of women, newcomers, youth and the marginalized communities through digital work, blogs, vlogs, social media, articles and etc. If you think that you are that Influencer or if you know someone who has demonstrated just that, then come get your recognition.  Nominate here 




The Women of Diversity Awards was created to recognize the great work that many women of colour have done and continue to do in their respective communities in Canada. 

It’s a tremendous opportunity to bring all those women together and the women who look up to them in order to inspire each other. The recognition takes place every year during the International Women’s Day weekend at our Women of Diversity Summit and Awards. 

Launched in 2018, the Women of Diversity Summit and Awards has the objective of inspiring people to create positive changes for the betterment of women and most importantly the women of visible minorities. These women are leaders, trailblazers, influencers, outliers and advocates.


We welcome nominations of women from all walks of life that have set the tone for change and who are working towards breaking barriers for the generations to come. 

They include politicians, entrepreneurs, senior executives, mentors, coaches, financial professional, business leaders, activists, tech professionals issued from visible minorities from across Canada. Your story is unique. Let’s celebrate you.  

To be eligible, the nominee or nominator must complete the online Nomination Package and attend the Women of Diversity Summit and Awards on Saturday, March 7, 2020 in Toronto at the Lucie and Thornton Blackburn Conference Centre


  • Identifies as a woman from a visible minority 
  • Resides in Ontario 
  • For the youth leadership award: Must be enrolled in a high-school or post-secondary institution 

All entries must be submitted online by January 24th, 2020.


In order to submit a completed online Women of Diversity Nomination Package, you will be required to: 

  • Complete and submit the Online Nomination Form (until January 24, 2020). 
  • Submit a Letter of Reference (One page maximum which could be provided by one from the nominee’s entourage or organization, including board of directors’ members).
  • Provide Nominee’s Digital Headshot in the form (High-resolution, colour image, JPEG, max 2MB).
  • Provide Nominee’s Biography (One page maximum, Word Document).

All nominations must be received by 5:00 PM EST on Friday, January 24, 2020.


1. Is there a nomination fee?

There is no nomination fee. 

2.  May I nominate myself?

Yes, you are encouraged to self-nominate for one of the categories. 

3.  May I nominate myself and someone else in a category?

You can nominate more than one person for one or many categories.

4.  Can I nominate someone in more than one category?

Yes. You can nominate someone in more than one category. 

5.  Can the nominee be in public office?

Yes. We welcome all women of diversity from different walks of life who continue to make waves in their respective communities. 

6.  What is required in the nomination package?

You are required to submit in your online nomination package the following: 

  • The answers to the populated questions. 
  • A letter of Reference (One page maximum which could be provided by one from the nominee’s entourage or organization, including board of directors’ members).
  • A digital Headshot (High-resolution, colour image, JPEG, max 2MB).
  • A biography (One page maximum, Word Document).


7.  What’s the deadline to submit the nomination package?

 The deadline to submit a nomination package is Friday, January 24, 2020 at 5:00 PM ET

8.  Can I submit a nomination package by email? 

No. We are only confirming reception of nomination packages that have been submitted through our online platform. 

9.  Who will be vetting the nominees for the 2020 Women of Diversity Awards? 

We have formed an advisory board who will complete the vetting process of our nominees for the 2020 edition. Afropolitan Canada reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove an award or the nomination of someone who is involved in criminal investigation, allegation, accusation or charges. 

10. How are the winners chosen?

We will review your nomination package based on set base on criteria for the category in which you nominated yourself or someone. Please note that achievements play a huge role in the winners’ selection. 

11. When will you announce the 2020 Women of Diversity Winners?

We will contact the Nominees and the Winners in January/February 2020 to advise them of the status of their nomination. The 2020 Winners will be publicly announced at the 2020 Women of Diversity Summit and Awards. 

12.  Do I have to pay for my attendance ticket to the 2020 Women of Diversity Summit and Awards if I am a winner?

No. Your attendance ticket is covered by Afropolitan Canada. Just come and bask into the celebration we have prepared for you. 

13.  Can I become a category sponsor?

Yes. The sponsorship of a category can ensure that your brand is in the spotlight for twelve months. You get to present the category award to the winner and be on all our promotional material. For further details, send an email at