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Afropolitan Canada is pleased to introduce you the profile of the 11 vendors who will be part of this great adventure on May 13th. They will be present to showcase their products, services and share their know-how during the event.

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Binta Wagué

Founder OF editions touana

Editions Touana provides children’s books that positively represent Afro descendant characters. The publishing house is headquartered  in Toronto, Ontario but distributes its books internationally.


The company was founded in 2019 by Binta Wagué, a children books lover and amazing story teller. Binta realized during her numerous years of experience working with children in France and in the United Kingdom that diversity was lacking in the children’s book literature.

She then decided to change this sad narrative by adding her stone to the edifice and publishing wonderful children’s albums.

Earlier this month, the first book of Editions Touana, Little Proud and Her Crown was successfully released in Paris, France and it is now being released in Canada in both languages French and English. 


Editions Touana is bringing into the children literature market diverse books with positive representation.

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Chloe Djafa

Founder of heav nation

Heav Nation is a brand that was created by Chloe, a passionate woman who wants to share her love for soap making with the world in an authentic way.

She works hard to develop environmentally sustainable practices. She hopes that the effort she puts into her products will be appreciated, as well as her commitment to providing an excellent customer experience.


Heav Nation is specialized in natural skin care products that are both effective and affordable.

Our grandmothers’ recipes are at the heart of the brand, and Chloe believes that quality ingredients don’t have to be expensive. Her mission is to make luxury skincare accessible to everyone.

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Helen Tewolde


Melaglow + co. is a woman-owned brand founded by Helen Tewolde.

Melaglow + co. offers luxury boho-chic lifestyle elements for global diasporas. hand-crafted candles. natural apothecary + poetic sanctuary. Their  mission is  ⵣ love ⵞ light ⵀ liberation.


Justin Agobre

founder of GOSDEBBIE

Justin Agobre is the owner of Gosdebbie. He was inspired to start this company through his history class as he noticed that our stories were not being told properly.

His mission as such is simply to bring Afrocentric products to the West and in particular to Africans in the diaspora.

His goal through his brand is also to encourage us to embrace our culture and traditions through our perception of fashion and style, and to guide our narratives in that process.

This is also about passing on this tradition to our children and ancestors.

There are so many cultural infusions in the system that we tend to forget where we come from as Black Canadians. As Marcus Garvey tells us, “a people who do not know their history, their origin and their culture are like a tree without roots”.


Justin seeks to remind us of our tradition and culture through his fashion accessories – waist beads, bracelets, anklets, earrings, etc.

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Kadijah Kijeira


Kadijah’s journey as a henna artist started from a very young age, she never truly took it seriously till the age of 16, where she started experimenting with designs on herself and her friends.

She quickly fell in love with the art form, and soon began practicing on anyone who would let her. As she improved and developed her own styles and skills, she realized that she had found her passion.  


After several years of perfecting her skills, Kadijah decided to turn her love for henna into a business.

At first, it was just a side gig doing henna for friends and family, but as the word spread, she began to get more and more requests for her services.


She knew she had something special, and decided to take the leap and created a henna account going by the name of “Hennabydijahh” where she creates ongoing engagement with the community.


Kerelle Lovelace

founder of lovelace kandles

Lovelace Kandles is a woman-owned, small business based in Toronto bringing you Light & Love. 

Our focus is to create luxury candles, beautifully scented using the highest quality of materials. All Lovelace Kandles are hand poured in small batches, using all natural soy wax, 100% cotton wicks & Phthalate-free fragrance oils. 


Self-care, healing, and relaxation are all so important for Kerelle and she hopes that you can relax, sit back and enjoy your Lovelace Kandle

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Latesha Hines

founder of yaga my locs

Latesha Hines is a 35 years old wife and mother of 2. She is the  owner of Yaga. My Locs.

Yaga. My Locs is a retail business that offers a wide range of premium quality hair protection wear, as well as handmade hair and body jewelry.

Through her brand she wishes to bring a different variety of loc jewelry to the dreadlock community. She has since expanded her product line to satin bonnets, fashion turbans, and afrocentric earrings and hair accessories like satin hair ties, mist spray bottles, detangle brush and more. 


She believes that no matter the hair type or texture, everyone should “Adorn Your Crown” whether through her premium quality hair protection wear and accessories or her handcrafted with love loc jewelry.


Lélé Meffotie

Founder of by meffo

Founded by Lélé Meffotie, By Meffo is a candle brand that embodies the rich cultural heritage of Cameroon in every exquisite scent. Lele’s journey as a candlemaker began during the COVID-19 pandemic when she unexpectedly found herself laid off from a job she envisioned retiring from.


Determined to turn adversity into opportunity, Lele heeded her children’s advice and delved into candle-making, igniting a passion that would soon blossom into a remarkable brand. 


By Meffo candles are not just scented products but a celebration of culture, heritage, and the memories that shape us.

Each candle is a labor of love, crafted with meticulous attention to detail to capture the essence of her Bamiléké culture – a culture that holds honoring the past and those who came before us at its core.


Lélé fervently hopes that as the mesmerizing aromas of her candles waft through your homes, they will ignite meaningful conversations about the richness of heritage and the importance of preserving our cultural roots.

Vendors spotlight - posts

Marie-Renée Faye

founder of moreune


Moreune is a clothing and accessories brand from Senegal, based in Ottawa.

Launched in 2021 by Marie-Renée Faye,

Moreune was born from the desire to promote the fashion and know-how of Senegalese craftsmen outside the borders of the country of Teranga, and more specifically in Canada.


They offer a wide selection of clothing, accessories and various other items from Senegal. Moreune is proud to contribute to the influence of Senegal in Canada.

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Navern Nash


Château Neuf is a sustainable and slow wear brand creating luxury fashionable accessories. The brand is envisioned on a desire to harvest true beauty for every woman. Each of our designs encompasses creativity and passion, which we strive to take to the next level.

Women who wear our designs will always be remembered and gain a sense of empowerment that emboldens them to step outside of the norm and emancipate themselves from the societal expectations of a woman’s beauty.


Château Neuf is the gateway for  women to redefine their own expression of beauty.


BE BOLD, BE FREE, BE FIERCE AND BE YOU!! “Beauty is within the eyes of the beholder”. BE.YOU.TIFUL 



Linguère is a Handcrafted accessories and apparel brand sourced from local African Artisans. Linguère prides itself on unique and trendy Ankara style T-shirts  and raffia bags.

Linguere sources all its products  from local African artisans and work with skilled tailors to create the perfect combination of comfortable and stylish casual wear.


Their Ankara T-shirts are versatile, great for both dressing up or heading out for a casual day.

In addition to their Ankara T-shirts, Linguère also offers a stunning range of raffia bags. These beautifully crafted bags are designed by local artisans who use traditional techniques to weave together natural fibers to create sturdy and functional designs with brown leather finishings that capture the essence of African fashion.


Their raffia bags come round and square in all shapes sizes to suit any style.