We actively foster a culture of open dialogue to destigmatize mental health in Black communities.

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Mental Health Factsheets

Our mental health factsheets are useful tools in promoting understanding and awareness around mental well-being. Whether you’re seeking insights for yourself, a loved one, or simply wish to be better informed, our factsheets offers valuable information to empower you with knowledge and foster a mentally healthier community.

Nurturing Black Men's Mental Health

In Canada, the mental health of Black men is significantly impacted by systemic inequalities, enduring cultural biases, and historical burdens. This factsheet serves as a direct call to action to dismantle these barriers and forge a mental health landscape where inclusivity, accessibility, and fairness are paramount.


Black Maternal Health Disparities in Canada & the US

Racial disparities in Canadian maternal health, particularly for Black mothers, lack comprehensive data. This factsheet, informed by U.S. research, explores the impact of biases, myths about Black women and pain, and underrepresentation of Black physicians. Policymakers and healthcare professionals can use these insights to address disparities and enhance maternal healthcare in Canada.


Mental Health Guide for Students

To assist students in their academic journey, we've created a factsheet offering valuable guidance on navigating the school year with confidence and resilience. The factsheet covers essential topics such as effective time management, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, nurturing meaningful social connections, and effectively managing stress.


Unpacking Myths about Mental Health

In this factsheet, we're exploring ten common misconceptions about mental health to dismantle stigma and foster a culture that promotes seeking help across all age groups.


Black Mental Health during the Pandemic


Community Wellness: Bridging Gaps with Black Practitioners