Learn Water Safety Skills for Free This Summer!

In collaboration with the City of Kitchener, we're excited to offer swimming lessons to more BIPOC adults and children (5 years and older).

Harmony of Cultures Festival

A celebration of Black heritage and culture beyond Black History Month.

We support and empower Black folks living in Canada in their professional and entrepreneurial journeys.

Through our commitment to Entrepreneurship, Mental Health, Life Skills, and Education, we fuel our communities with tools and resources to succeed holistically.

Women of Diversity Summit & Awards

Since 2018, the WOD summit celebrates the exceptional achievements of trailblazing women who have left a lasting impact in their respective fields.


Swim to Survive

Our Swim to Survive initiative aspires to empower BIPOC individuals and families in Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge by fostering essential life skills.


Black Mental Health Awareness

Through peer discussions, practitioner-led workshops, and mental health factsheets, we seek to empower individuals to recognize and challenge the myths surrounding Black mental health.


BIPOC Women-Led Business Directory

Discover a diverse range of businesses, spanning fashion, beauty, tech, food, and beyond, all guided by passionate women of color making impactful strides.


Spotlight Discussions

Our monthly event fostering discussions with Black women and women of colour on entrepreneurship, self-care, and financial literacy, aims to provide practical tools for personal and business growth, and foster collaboration and community support.


Scholarship Fund

We aim to minimize financial barriers that young, Black students may encounter when accessing post-secondary education, whether it be at the university, trade school, or college level.


Our Partners