Cross-Cultural Learning

Engage in interactive workshops and immerse yourself in discussions that offer practical insights directly applicable to your business. These sessions will not only provide cross-cultural learning experiences but also present opportunities for potential collaborations and partnerships with Senegalese entrepreneurs, fostering valuable connections and propelling your business growth.

Rest & Reflect

Indulge in restorative wellness activities and captivating sightseeing experiences, creating a perfect blend for relaxation. This trip provides a unique opportunity to unwind, reflect, and recharge in an inspiring and serene environment, allowing you to rejuvenate both personally and professionally.


  • Our team will greet you at the airport and transfer you to your accommodation for a comfortable start.
  • Experience Senegalese hospitality as you check-in and settle in.
  • We will get to know each other during the group dinner and go over the itinerary
  • The next morning, relax and rejuvenate with traditional wellness treatments, immersing yourself in the retreat's peaceful ambiance.
  • Capture views and visit the iconic Renaissance Monument, a symbol of Senegal's artistic and cultural heritage.
  • Start each day with revitalizing yoga and meditation sessions, setting a positive and focused mindset.
  • Engage in interactive workshops, gaining insights and fostering innovation under the guidance of experienced facilitators.
  • Embark on a visit to the Phare des Mamelles and the House of the Slaves on Ngore Island, deepening your understanding of Senegal's history and heritage.
  • Connect with inspiring Senegalese women entrepreneurs during dedicated networking sessions, fostering meaningful connections and potential collaborations.
  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Senegal through visits to local markets and historical sites.
  • Enhance your culinary skills with an unforgettable cooking class, learning the art of traditional Senegalese cuisine.
  • Experience captivating cultural performances that blend age-old traditions with modern expression, leaving you inspired and enriched.
  • Participate in introspective reflection sessions, igniting your inner fire and paving the way for personal and professional growth.
  • Set powerful goals and develop an actionable plan to realize your aspirations and achieve future success.
  • Celebrate your journey and accomplishments with a grand farewell dinner, surrounded by extraordinary women who share your vision and belief in unlimited potential.
Kindly note that this itinerary may be subject to changes based on unforeseen circumstances. We appreciate your flexibility and look forward to an enriching experience together.